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Pays XDR is a stablecoin 100% backed by basket of five currencies in the same way as the Special Drawing Rights (XDR) created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


What is IMF's Special Drawing Rights?

The IMF was founded in 1945 with the goal to foster macroeconomic stability. The Special Drawing Right (XDR) was created to deliver stability in the international monetary system and to reduce the risk of volatility for less economically developed countries.

Until now only the central banks have access to the XDR.

What is Pays XDR?

Pays has issued the Pays XDR digital currency which enables anyone to use the XDR. By leveraging Stellar`s distributed ledger technology, all transactions are secure, near instant and free. By strictly following the methodology of the IMF XDR, every Pays XDR is backed by the same basket of five currencies.

It's more stable than any single currency so it opens new possibilities for hedging risk and storing value.

What is the natural quality of the XDR?

The XDR is a natural hedge against currency volatility as its value is diversified among the five most important currencies in the world.

We use the exact methodology as the IMF so that every Pays XDR is fully backed by the U.S Dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Chinese Yuan and the British Pounds Sterling.

XDR currency converter


01 Jun 2000 00:00 UTC - 01 Jun 2001 00:00 UTC USD/XDR close:0.000 low:0.000 high:0.000


High Low Average
last 30 days last year
High 0.721747 0.721747
Low 0.721747 0.721747
Average 0.721747 0.721747
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Every unit of Pays XDR is fully backed by the basket of five currencies.
The total amount of XDR issued can be view on the Stellar expert
Every month a top audit firm verifies and produces monthly reports to verify the deposit balances

Now you can use XDR just like the Central Banks

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